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Wonder takes the work out of Dating!

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Matching system
Date Activity Suggestions Near You & Match
Phone Calendar Sync/Integration
Seamless Amazon integration for Date Supply purchases
Instant Uber Ride integration to Date Location
Vibe Video (15 second introduction Video)
Review Date Location & Match
Ghosting Button
Flaking & Ghosting Demerit System

Neuro-science studies show that daters that do activities together are...

1 %
Positive Date

More likely to have a positive date experience

1 %
More Attractive

More likely to find their date attractive

1 %
Second Date

More likely to go on a second date

Men’s 5 Favorite First Date Activities
🏖️ Going to the beach – 73%
🥗 Picnicking – 68%
🏞️ Hiking – 48%
🌌 Stargazing – 46%
🍑 Visiting a farmers market – 43%

Women’s 5 Favorite First Date Activities
🥗 Picnicking – 78%
🍑 Visiting a farmers market – 58.4%
🏖️ Going to the beach – 58.3%
🌌 Stargazing – 53%
🖼️ Visiting a museum – 47%

Your Date?"

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